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The Academy is a non-profit tuition free private school founded by the McLeod Family Foundation. Our mission is to support working families and equip them with the tools for success by using a highly successful, research backed multi-generational model that supports both students and parents.

We provide our students small class sizes with high student to teacher ratios where they receive the one-on-one and small group instruction they need. We also provide a robust curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning and life skills that make learning fun and engaging! 

We provide parents with Family Coaching that focuses on helping them achieve their unique vision for their lives. We use a model to help parents close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be within a safe and supportive community. We call it our GROW model. Our Coaches empower parents to choose what is best for their family and support them through the inevitable challenges that arise in life. Then we celebrate with them when they accomplish or exceed their goals. Meanwhile, their children are watching and learning that big things are possible for their family!

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