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Who We Are

The McLeod Family Foundation originated in 1996 as an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in the Roanoke Valley. In 2018 the Foundation decided to open a tuition free private school for at-promise families within our community called The Academy. 

The Academy enhances the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) curriculum with hands on learning opportunities and a focus on tools for life success including budgets, banking services and other financial management tools, and with programs related to character, values and life skills.


A Great Year

The Academy offers free childcare in the early morning and evening hours while parents work. We operate in the summer to provide similar opportunities including frequent field trips. We are also able to provide a pack a snack program for children who have food insecurities at home on the weekends through the help of St. Andrews Catholic Church. 

The Academy has had an amazing year! We hired our new Head of School, Ryan Bell in June and opened our second building on our campus at Belle in September. The Academy also has its largest enrollment to date of 60 students! 

Our students and families have made important strides. 

  • 32% of our families improved their housing situations, moving to safer neighborhoods or purchasing their own homes

  • 24% of our families improved their employment situations, gaining employment or earning promotions

  • 100% of our families worked with The Academy coaches to develop household budgets and establish future goals that will allow them to live independent, fulfilling lives

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